Where research, innovation, and audacity elevate the bathroom to a timeless art form.

Rapsel is a leading Italian company in the production of sanitary ware and bathroom accessories.

Rapsel has consistently and passionately pursued its own design philosophy.

Our company strategy is to operate in the field of contemporary design, identifying products with high innovative and proactive content, of great aesthetic and formal quality. Research, in all its forms, is the foundation of our design process. Our bathroom furniture collection is aimed at a cultured audience, opinion leaders and consumers with sophisticated tastes and lifestyles. Our products are trendy, with strong expressive content, and in some cases even "cult objects", as they have been defined by many. They represent a precise and indispensable reference point in the broader landscape of the evolution of living and its models.

Despite vastly different design philosophies, from the iconic works of Starck to the visionary creations of Kuramata, they all find a harmonious place within the RAPSEL collection.
The company's identity is truly shaped and strengthened by the choices made in each individual project.
These are not just visually appealing products: they are functional, technically impeccable, and a tangible sign of the future of home design.

The 70s, Dawn of a New Era

Rapsel's story began as a distributor of Scandinavian design brands in the Italian market. Driven by a passion for bringing the unique aesthetics of Nordic design to Italian homes, Rapsel established itself as a hub for cutting-edge bathroom furnishings.

The 1980s: Design as a Distinguishing Element

During the 1980s, Rapsel embarked on a strategic shift, establishing design as a cornerstone of its global brand identity. This pivotal decision led to collaborations with some of the world's most renowned Italian and international designers, resulting in a series of sanitaryware and bathroom accessory collections that epitomized both functionality and aesthetic excellence.

The 1990s: A Decade of Innovation

La capacità di Rapsel di lavorare a stretto contatto con architetti e designers, permettendo loro di mostrare il loro stile e visione, unita alla flessibilità aziendale e capacità unica di lavorare su pezzi singoli personalizzati, ha permesso di ottenere soluzioni ottimali che rispondessero sia al design che alla funzionalità.

The 2000s: A Focus on Wellness

As early as the turn of the millennium, in the 2000s, Rapsel demonstrated its commitment to innovation by embarking on a journey of experimentation that led it to explore new resins and materials. This ongoing pursuit of innovation has enabled the company to expand its product range and create increasingly high-performance and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

The 2010s: Embracing Sustainability as a Core Value

Since the 2010s, Rapsel has embraced sustainability as a core value, embarking on an ongoing virtuous path. The company has initiated a research and development program dedicated to the use of sustainable materials and production processes, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of its products.

Gli anni 2020: la continua evoluzione

Consapevole del crescente desiderio di connessione con la natura e di benessere negli spazi domestici, l'azienda ha ripreso con forza l'utilizzo di materiali naturali, già valorizzati a partire dal 2005. Legno, pietra e ceramica tornano protagonisti nelle collezioni Rapsel, creando un concept di casa naturale che si traduce in ambienti accoglienti e rilassanti, dove trascorrere il tempo diventa un vero piacere.

Rapsel Awards

Driven by a passion for design and innovation, Rapsel has been consistently recognized for its outstanding products and its commitment.