Elia Nedkov

Elia Nedkov

An austrian born in Bulgaria in 1971, Nedkov first studied fashion in Vienna and then architecture at the Graz Polytechnic. In 1998, he opened a studio in Graz specialized in architecture, design, and graphics, with a strong orientation towards innovation. He has attained various international awards such as the “Polydecor Design Award” and a win at the “DuPont Corian for a food & coffee bar” competition. He moved his studio to Milan a few years ago and collaborates with numerous leading players in interior design, fashion, and communication.Clients: Alulife, Culti, Exde, Fassade, Max Meyer, Rapsel, Tony&Guy, TV Austria, Vola, Viero, Neutra.


Tatoo by designer Elia Nedkov Moments by designer Elia Nedkov